The main focus of the Holding is distant trade, which is the catalogue sales of health, beauty and household products. SIMPATIK Group Holding makes the top three of the leading companies in this trade sector in Ukraine.


A new and dynamically developing direction. Its main task is to introduce and promote domestic brands on the Ukrainian market.


Another new, promising direction that allows expanding sales channels of goods and makes shopping even more comfortable.


We have two CC that provide services in all spheres of sales. The main call centre is situated in Kyiv and it has over 100 operators who work by turns from 8.00 to 20.00. There’s also a call centre in Sumy that grows fast and is designed for 100 work places.


Our own factory for make-up production in Kyiv is our base for developing our own brands: elaborating new and expanding existing lines. Moreover, we also provide contract manufacturing.


Availability of advanced warehouse and transport logistics, as well as well-organised courier delivery around Kyiv ensures timely delivery of goods to our clients. Regarding issues of orders delivery to our clients, we also cooperate with UkrPoshta and Nova Poshta.