Our Team

The most important thing about our company is our stuff. The team of our Holding counts over 400 experts in different spheres. Team building trainings, corporate events, special educating programmes are the main components of efficient motivation system that helps to reach the set goals. Integral condition for successful work is healthy relations between employees.

Corporate celebrations

Corporate New Year parties, birthday of the Holding, birthdays of the companies, annual bowling competition, collective celebrations of the employees’ birthdays in divisions, theme Fridays all this helps to diversify everyday work and get to know each other better. Moreover, an expectation of coming leisure activities is a perfect motivation to work harder.


Every year our company holds the Best of the Best contest. It all started several years ago and since then many employees have won this title. Thanks to corporate portal, we carry out a range of photo contests during the year and we also have different permanent photo exhibitions. In addition, every year we hold an exhibition of children’s crafts dedicated to the Children’s Day and all children who take part in the exhibition get presents.


Every year the employees of our company take part in charity bowling competition and the Chestnut Run and for the St. Nicholas Day, we carry out a campaign to gather clothes and toys for the Red Cross. We also took several children suffering from Folling disease under patronage and combining our efforts provide them with special nourishment.

Corporate portal

On our corporate portal, there is fresh news about the activity of the Holding. Here you can find the information about the company and employees of the Holding, look through interesting books and articles in Wiki section, create work and project groups to work together of different tasks and more. On the portal, every employee can have his own personal page. Come and join our corporate social network!