SIMPATIK Group: is one of the leading companies on Ukrainian market in the field of distance selling. Our activity is embodies one of the important principles of democracy: a person has the right to but any goods regardless of his place of residence and availability of certain assortment in the stores. In the last 12 years we have sold over 12 million goods (!) and we are proud of this number as the result of responsible attitude and complex approach to sales. After all the trade is a living mechanism where even the smallest detail matters.

The track we’ve been following for all these years in communication with our consumers is client focus. We always try our best to provide maximum availability of information and convenience of purchase since these factors help us to win 100% of the customer’s trust to the services of our company. By studding the lives of our clients: sex, age, place of residence, order intervals and goods preferences, we form our sales offers. At the same time, high quality in all aspects of our work remains our main guiding line. That’s why our goods are useful and handy, our printed materials are pleasant to take in hand and flip through pages and service level remains on top. In the course of the years, we gathered thousands of feedbacks both good and bad. Yet, considering the later, we can understand the expectations of our clients and what we should offer them in this moment to make their life more healthy, beautiful, comfortable and wealthy.